Practise Burlesque dance steps / What to wear

burlesque at home

Burlesque at Home

Burlesque dancing is lots of fun and has over 100 years of history. We will teach you to pose and strut like a real pin up! Spicy Hen’s professional dance instructor will introduce you to the world of posing, teasing and shimmying in a fantastic 1.5 hours burlesque dance lesson.

Here are some moves which you can practice before your dance lesson:

  • Glove peeling – using your left hand remove one finger at a time from your right hand, then pull off the glove and toss it to aside. Repeat it with the other hand.
  • Perform a tantalising shimmy by alternately moving your shoulders back and forth. You can practise this with extended arms for a fab and glam look. Alternatively, you can place your hands in your lap for a sweet look.
  • Cross your left leg over your right leg whilst shimmying, repeat the moves over your right side as well. This move works best with your arms out or with your hands placed on your hips.
  • Booty shake alternately bend each knee and swing your hip around. Feel free to grind and swing your hips!
  • Try a bump ‘n’ grind, basically spring forwards with your hips, then circle your hips from front to back. You can spice up these moves simply by bending forwards or bumping to the side.
  • Strut in your hall way or living room then try striking a pose.

Experiment with these moves!

We are always asked what people should wear to burlesque classes. We would recommend that you wear clothes that will make you feel fabulous and sexy. However, you should wear nothing restricted as it can hinder your dancing.  However, you do need clothes that you can move and dance around in. Here are our suggestions for what to wear for burlesque dancing:

  • A dressy top or corset,
  • A loose leggings, tights, short, skirts, fishnets,
  • Small heeled shoes (3“ heel is the best for beginners) or trainers,
  • Long gloves,
  • Essential – bring your feather boa.

We look forward teaching you Burlesque spiced up with fancy jazz moves. Your dance lesson is guaranteed to be truly memorable and fun!

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